Serve Save Smile

Team Up With Howell Orthodontics to Show Our Community That We Care!

With Serve•Save•Smile, volunteering in our community will not only help others but will also help our patients pay for orthodontic treatment!

For EVERY HOUR of service you give to help a Jackson County charitable organization, you will receive $10.00 OFF your treatment fee, up to $500.00*!

(*Some restrictions apply: Up to $500.00 credit on comprehensive orthodontic treatment; up to $150.00 credit on orthodontic treatment between $1000.00 and $3000.00; time limit for redemption of SSS hours is length of orthodontic contract; if braces are paid in full, patient has six months to redeem SSS hours.)

How To Get Started:

  • Pick up Serve•Save•Smile sheet at our office.
  • Find a non-profit organization that serves your area.  You may reference the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce site for a list of non-profit organizations.  Choose an organization that interests you. 
  • Call the organization to ask about service opportunities that might be available for you and verify any age or COVID restrictions.
  • Schedule a time to serve.  After volunteering, make sure to ask an administrator of the organization to fill out and sign your SSS service log or provide other documentation of your service.
  • Bring your SSS sheet or other volunteer documentation to our office to have $10.00 taken off your treatment fee for every hour of service you've given!

For more info, call Howell Orthodontics at (706) 387-0606.

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