Reward System

Dr. Howell and Her Team LOVE to Reward Patients For Their Hard Work!

If YOU do your part, treatment will go smoothly and quickly and can be lots of FUN! However, if you do not do your part, straightening your teeth will take a lot longer than it should, and the final result may be compromised. Dr. Howell and her staff have a point system that actually rewards you for your good efforts, both in your mouth and in your schoolwork! Therefore, keeping your teeth clean and staying away from the foods on the “No-No” list not only lets you have a better smile, it can get you fun prizes too!

You will be rewarded points each visit for reasons listed below, and when you have at least 25 points, Dr. Howell will reward you with a gift card to a local store or restaurant to pick out exactly what you want! We can't wait to see how well you will do!

  • Good hygiene... One Point
  • Excellent hygiene... Two Points
  • No broken brackets or loose bands...One Point
  • Being on time to your appointment... One Point
  • "A"s on your report card... One Point
  • Wearing your Howell Orthodontics T-shirt to your appointment... One Point
  • A visit to your general dentist for a cleaning... Five Points
  • Wearing your rubber bands as directed... One Point
  • Writing a review for Howell Orthodontics... Three Points
  • Making a post on our Facebook page (one point per month max)... One Point

*Once you've accumulated 25 Points, you receive:

  • $5.00 gift card

...and then the points start all over again!

CLICK HERE to print a certificate to take to your dentist for five extra points!!!

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